Patong Sunset View Restaurant Menu 2019

Patong Sunset View Restaurant Food Menu October 2019 We were asked to re-design the Patong Sunset View Restaurant menu and after much deliberation and changes, we came up with the following layout. Each menu item has a small thumbnail image to represent the food item. Each menu item is mentioned in English, Thai, Chinese, and Russian with a small...

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Irish Times Pub Food Menu 2019

Irish Times Pub Phuket Food Menu August 2019 The new Irish Times Pub Phuket food menu got a complete re-design. We added 4 extra pages to include the daily specials and the pizzas. Food images were taken by Khun Kaew (AngelEyesImage) and used as background elements. Irish Times Pub Phuket 2019 Cover Irish Times Pub Phuket...

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Viking Rawai Drinks Menu March 2019

Viking Rawai Drinks Menu March 2019 Similar to the Viking Rawai food menu we did in December 2018, we used vintage beverage advertising signs on the front and the back cover. As Viking Rawai is owned and managed by a Belgian, we used the colors of the Belgian flag throughout the menu and some stock images as backgrounds. For the text, we used the...

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Viking Rawai Food Menu December 2018

Viking Rawai Food Menu December 2018 For the new Viking Rawai food menu design, we used vintage signs advertising food products on the front and the back cover. On the actual menu pages we placed stock images around the menu items. Viking Food Menu 2018 Cover Viking Food Menu 2018 Seafood Viking Food Menu 2018...

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