Enigma Phuket

Andaman Coral Divers has been operating for 15 years. Through years of experience and a wide network of local contractors they are able to offer you personalized excursions far away from the mass tourism of Phuket.

Enigma Phuket

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The biggest challenge with this project was to create a uniform page layout that would be adjustable depending on the amount of information and the duration of the tours and courses. This was acheved by using a mixture if text elements, description lists and galleries, neatly organised in a 3 column layout that would adjust depending on the device being used to view the website.

Due to Covid-19 this project is put on temporarily hold. More tours and languages will be added in 2021.

Home Page | English

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Snorkeling Day Trips | English

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Diving Day Trips | English

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Liveaboards | English

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Diving Courses | English

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Excursions | English

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Andaman Coral Divers

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