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Graphic Design Phuket

GD Web Studio Phuket offers graphic design services and designs logos, designs and prints business cards, flyers, vouchers, posters, brochures, flip cards, menus, banners, stickers, publishes magazines, and designs and prints custom phuket maps.

Brochure Design in Phuket

Brochures are usually A4 size and then folded to an A5 size or a 2-fold that is commonly used for tour and travel brochures in tour counters and travel agencies. They offer a great way to display your services and package deals, display details of your property , or create small restaurant menus for delivery and take-away.

Business Card Design in Phuket

Business cards are designed in-house and printed in Bangkok to ensure excellent printing quality at affordable rates.

Coaster Design in Phuket

Flip Card Design Phuket

Flip Cards are an ideal solution to present your services, products or promotions on a small, limited space. Flip Cards are usually used in combination with a tabletop display with rings to flip the cards.

Flyer Design in Phuket

A flyer is an ideal marketing tool to promote your business, organisation, daily specials or events. The flyer can be printed for distribution or used on your website and social media networks.

Magazine Design in Phuket

After years of designing, publishing and distributing our own Phuket travel guide, we can certainly help you in designing the perfect advert for any magazine or newspaper.

Map Design in Phuket

Our custom designed Phuket maps are ideal for tourist related businesses like hotels, tour operators, travel agancies, car rental companies, or sporting event organisers. Pick the areas you want displayed on your map, add your information and advertsing from your sponsors around the street maps and we help you create your own custom branded pocket map.

Poster Design in Phuket

Displaying posters in public places is a great way to promote your event, offer, or services to a wide range of people.

Social Media Flyer Design in Phuket

Sticker Design in Phuket

Stickers have different purposes and come in all shapes and forms, but mostly they are used to label a product. They are also used to stick on plexi glass for signs, lightboxes or even menus.

Voucher Design in Phuket

Vouchers (or coupons) can be used to offer free gifts or discounts as prizes on a pool night, golf event, quiz night or any other event where you want to reward your participants. You can also use vouchers on your website or social media networks to promote your services and reward your visitors.

Custom Graphic Design Rates

We charge a standard fee of 500 Baht/hour for any custom graphic design work.