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Menu Design in Phuket

Menus come in different sizes depending on the amount of menu items, layout, and the total amount of pages. Different types of binding can be used to create a perfect finish.

Menu Design in Phuket

  • Description
    Designing a menu requires a bit more planning and can take a few hours before finding the correct combination of fonts, colors, layouts, images, and backgrounds that match the theme of the restaurant or bar.
  • Sizes
    A5, A4 and A3
    Custom Sizes Available
  • Design Rates

    We create a template and use variations of this template on the menu pages in order to speed up the work flow and create consistency throughout the layout and artwork.

    For menus from 4 to 8 pages we charge 1,000 Baht per page and for menus bigger than 8 pages we charge 750 Baht per page. These rates are for the layout and design of the menu pages. They do not include the printing cost.