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Business Card Design

Business cards are an essential marketing tool for any type of business. A professional business card includes one or more aspects of striking visual design to represent your company.

Business Card Design

  • Description

    Business cards are designed in-house and printed in Bangkok to ensure excellent printing quality at affordable rates. The final business card design is delivered in jpg, png, and pdf files and can be used for print and web.

  • Size
    Portrait 55mm x 90mm
    Landscape 90mm x 55mm
  • Design Rates
    1 Side | 500 Baht
    2 Sides | 1,000 Baht

Print Business Cards

  • Paper

    Business cards are printed on 260gr Art Card and matte laminated on both sides. Orders can be made per 100 copies but minimum order is 200 copies. Discounted rates are offered for 500+ and 1,000+ copies.

LayoutAmount / CopiesPrice in Thai Baht / Copy
1 Side
200 to 400
6 Baht / Copy
500 to 900 copies
5 Baht / Copy
1000 copies or more
4 Baht / Copy
2 Sides
200 to 400
7 Baht / Copy
500 to 900 copies
6.3 Baht / Copy
1000 copies or more
5.6 Baht / Copy