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Toms Restaurant Drinks Menu August 2020

A classic drinks menu design with burgundy for backgrounds and headings, black for text, and white for prices, mixed with a few stock images to balance out the page layout.
297mm x 297mm fold to 148.5mm x 297mm
Digital Print on 360gr Art Card

Toms Restaurant Drinks Menu August 2020

Toms restaurant recently moved into the old Mando restaurant on Rawai beach road in Phuket. We used the trendy Lato family all headings, text and prices. For the backgroubd colours we used a nice contrast between white and burgundy so we could use those to add the text and prices in black and white.

The final design was printed on 360gram art paper, matte laminated on both sides, and finished with a saddle stitching.

Beers and Spirits
Soft Drinks, Tea and Coffee

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