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Patong Sunset View Restaurant Menu October 2019

A menu layout based on images of food items with descriptions in English and headings in English, Thai, Russian and Chinese. A modern 2 page layout in the back for the drinks menu.
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Patong Sunset View Restaurant Menu October 2019

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We were asked to re-design the Patong Sunset View Restaurant menu and after much deliberation and changes, we came up with the following layout. Each menu item has a small thumbnail image to represent the food item.

Each menu item is mentioned in English, Thai, Chinese, and Russian with a small description in English where it was deemed necessary. Stock images were used as backgrounds.

A mixture of background colours was used to seperate the different food sections while white, blue and orange were used for the text, depending on the background coulour.

Salads and Thai Food
Thai Food
Thai Food
Main Courses
Steaks and Burgers

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