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Viking Rawai Drinks Menu March 2019

A modern menu layout with stock images as background elements and vintage beverage advertising images for the cover. Used black, deep yellow and red as background colours to seperate the different sections and to resemble the Belgian flag throughout the menu.
A3 fold to A4
Digital Print on 360gr Art Card

Viking Rawai Drinks Menu March 2019

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We used vintage beverage advertising signs on the front and the back cover. As Viking Rawai is owned and managed by a Belgian, we used the colours of the Belgian flag as background colours throughout the menu (left hand-side pages) and some stock images as backgrounds (on the right hand-side pages).

For the text, we used the Geomanist font family. In the beers section, we added little vector flags to highlight the origin of each beer, added the beer logos, and added the alcohol percentage. The menus were printed on 360gram A3 paper and folded to A4. Both sides were matte laminated and finished with saddle stitch staple binding.

Viking Rawai Drinks Menu 2019 Cover
Viking Rawai Drinks Menu 2019 Spirits
Viking Rawai Drinks Menu 2019 Beers
Viking Rawai Drinks Menu 2019 Cocktails

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