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GD Web Studio creates unique, user-friendly and mobile optimised websites in WordPress

Basic Website

30,000 Baht

We charge 30,000 Baht for the setup and design of a basic website with a home page, a few pages that are related to the business (menus, events, galleries) and a contact page. 3,000 Baht is requested to set up the hosting and for the membership fee on the page builder. The costs involved are shown in the table below. A 50% deposit is charged after the agreement and before we start on the actual work. The remaining 50% is charged upon approval of the finished website.

We always discuss each and every aspect of a web design project with the client before we start so there are no hidden costs or extra charges as long as both parties stick to the original agreement. Adding a shop with products (e-commerce), adding different languages or creating complex sites with custom post types and custom fields will be charged on an hourly rate of 500 Baht/hour.

Plugin or ServicePrice in Thai BahtDescription
1 Time Installation
Shared Hosting
1,000 *
1 Year Hosting
Page and Template Builder
2,000 *
1 Year Membership
Setup, Configuration, Layout, and Design
Database creation, installing and configuring WordPress, installing and configuring the page builder and all plugins, creating the layout and design of the entire website.
Updates and Maintenance
6,000 *
1 Year updates and security fixes of WordPress, the page builder and all plugins.
SSL Certificate
Installation of an SSL certicate
Email Address(es)
Unlimited IMAP Email Addresses
SEO Plugin
Creation and submission of sitemap(s) to search engines
100% Responsice
Your site looks good on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.
* Yearly Fees
9,000 Baht/year
Every year, the following renewal fees will be charged for hosting, updates, maintenance of wordPress, the page builder, and all free plugins. Paid plugins will be paid by the client when payments are due for membership renewal.

Custom Web Design

500 Baht/hour
Any changes or extra work related to content, images, videos, products and other aspects of a website project after completion will be charged at 500 Baht/hour. This is also our hourly rate for any freelance work related to web design.
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